Mint Juleps

Please note: Mint Juleps were discontinued when Necco went out of business. We are optimistic that another company will be making them in the future. Signup for an email alert if you want to be notified. 

Mint Julep taffy has refreshing Spearmint flavor in each one of these chewy taffy squares! Each piece is individually wrapped, making them a convenient on-the-go alternative candy to chewing gum or mints.

Mint Juleps Candy Memories

I remember back in the 1940's when to have a nickel or even two cents to spend was an important day! The local variety store had a counter of penny candy. The kids would line up to buy and there was a box to stand on-two kids at a time.  

 You could gaze into that glass counter a long time to choose as the few pennies had to be spent wisely. You also had to plan on the length of the the candy lasted as you may not get a few pennies again for a while till Dad could spare you a little bit of change!

Mint juleps were my favorite, they could last me for quite a while plus they were wrapped and could stay in my grubby pocket for a day too! To this day I still love the flavor and I'm really glad my wife found this site just for me! ~ Bud from Alabama

My favorite penny candy was Mint Julep. When I was little, early 1960's, I would walk 2 miles to the little Peter Wall's store, in Newton, NH. There was a big case with sliding glass doors on it. Behind the doors was the penny candy, all displayed on angled shelves. I'd slide the door open and select my candy. More often than not, it was Mint Julep. I remember it so well. It took years to find mint juleps again. I'm glad they still exist. Thanks for the memories. ~Rebecca from New Hampshire

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