1980s Candy

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Put on your Walkman headphones and pad your shoulders, because you are strutting through the 1980’s. A time when Germany became one, cable networks popped up as people demanded their MTV, the world discovered the art that is the Cosby Sweater, and we tasted the rainbow with Skittles. 

The nature of quick communication was forever changed with Motorola’s release of the first cellular phone to work on a large American network, weighing in at a whopping 2.5 pounds! Maybe you remember watching Cal Ripken Jr. knock away one of his 431 homeruns with a cheek full of Big League Chew. Or when you spent most of your allowance trying to beat the top score on Pac Man. But of course you made sure you still had enough change left to buy an Airhead.

You learned how to Walk Like an Egyptian from The Bangles and the dance of the undead from the King of pop, Michael Jackson. Sour Patch Kids were just as addictive as watching the A-Team. You might have eaten a crazy amount of Smarties in hopes that “you are what you eat” is true. But your stomachache the next day proved that it does not work that way.

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