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Welcome to the Home of Candy You Ate as a Kid®!

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You are never too old for a childhood memory.

Do you remember candies like Wax Lips, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, BB Bats, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Buttons on paper tape, or Zagnut? How about bulk candies like Mary Janes, Atomic Fireballs and Bit-O-Honey? You probably also remember going to the corner store and bringing home as many of these candies as you could carry.

At OldTimeCandy.com you’re able to easily find the Candy you ate as a kid®. Order a gift box of candy from your favorite decade, or pack your own assortment with our Pack-a-Bag option. Bulk candy is available in 2 lb. or 5 lb. bags and whole cases. So take a slow walk down the candy aisle. Go ahead, take your time. The memories are on us.

Some Of Our Favorites

Candy Memories

  • Candy Buttons on Paper Tape

    Brian from Maryland

    When my 2 sisters and I were young, back in the late 50's, our Dad would take us to the neighborhood playground. When we were playing in the sandbox, Dad would toss coins into the sand when we weren't looking. We really thought we were finding lost treasure! When we headed back home we'd stop at the corner store and use the coins to buy candy. Mainly candy buttons - our favorite. Back then the buttons were tough to detach - we wound up eating a lot of paper too. Miss those days!

  • 100 Grand Bar

    Kris from Indiana

    This was back when this candy was called $100,000 bars, not 100 Grand bars. I remember going to my friend Cori's birthday party in elementary school, maybe third grade. At the party her mom told us that we were each going to get $100,000. Although we didn't really believe her, we didn't completely not believe her either. She kept us going through most of the party and we kept up hope. When she handed out these candy bars instead we were disappointed. But, the candy was good and I had fun telling my mom about it when I got home.

  • Good & Plenty

    Juanita from Kentucky*

    When I was a kid we always got Good and Plenty when we went to the movies. My sister would only eat the pink ones, even though I kept telling her they tasted the same as the white ones. Just seeing them today reminds me of my little sister and the sweet taste of black licorice.