Mary Janes

Mary Janes Candy History

Mary Jane is 95 years old and still going strong. In 1914 Charles N. Miller named this bite-size peanut butter and molasses candy for his favorite aunt, Mary Jane. Over the years the company has tried out variations on the basic molasses and peanut-butter flavor, but none could compare to the original Mary Jane.

Mary Janes Candy Memories

Mary Janes candy box

I remember when I was a very young we lived way out in the sticks in South Carolina. We were extremely poor and on our birthdays we really received any gifts or a cake. I do remember that there was a little country store that we had to walk to. This little store was ran by an elderly couple. I only remember calling them Mr. & Mrs. Gray. My memory is so clear now that Mr. & Mrs. Gray always gave us kids a small penny bag full of Mary Janes.

By the time we shared with the other 4 siblings we averaged about 3 or 4 Mary Janes apiece. It was always such a treat. We thought this was the greatest thing in the world. Isn't that something that after all these years I remember that generous couple and how they shared with such an open heart. This is one of the few good memories I have growing up. I was five when this happened. Now I'm almost 50! ~ Sheila from Virginia

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