1920s Candy

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Here’s to the Jazz age!

In the 1920s, we had plenty to celebrate. The war was over, families were reunited, and Wall Street was set to boom. The country was marked by unprecedented growth and all the glitz and glamor that comes with it – elegant parties, excess, and indulgence were the order of the day – at least where our candies were concerned! (But you still couldn’t get a drink!)

Many of us may have heard these stories from our parents or grandparents, sitting on their knee as they handed us pieces of tangy Kits Taffy and regaled us with stories of the Gatsby era. We may not remember what it was like to live through the roarin’ ’20s, but we certainly remember the sweet tones of the first bite of that Bit-O-Honey after supper or getting our fingers sticky with the now-iconic Charleston Chews.

True, we couldn’t watch TV just yet – but that didn’t stop us from indulging in other ways, from hiding pieces of our Abba Zaba in our school coats or showing up at the breakfast table with a pair of wax lips.