1940s Candy

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Break out your Slinkies and Tupperware, because we’re heading to the 1940s!

As we all know, the ’40s were a period of great change across the world—and not just because the first Junior Mints hit the store. The Second World War was in full swing, food and resources were rationed, and modern American icons like Johnny Carson and Mel Brooks were sent off to battle.

Times were certainly tough for all of us—and sadly, candy was much more of a luxury than it is today.

Of course, most kids could still be found with sweet Jolly Rancher wrappers in their pockets (with the Jolly Rancher itself either long-since devoured or stuck in their hair), and teachers across the country had long since resigned themselves to seeing Bazooka Bubble Gum stuck under school desks until further notice.

It was a different time when Candy Cigarettes were a still hot item, even coming in two flavors: regular and chocolate! And though many of us remember the 1940’s as an era marked by conflict, nothing can take away those good moments stuck in our minds; the warm summer days spent scheming to swap our dads’ smoking pipes with Licorice and debating the flavors of sugary Smarties. It was a period of change for everyone—and all of it deserves to be remembered.