1950s Candy

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You've just crossed over into, the 1950’s. A time when space became the new frontier, TV showed us the world, music gave birth to rock n’ roll and Pez got ahead with its new dispensers. As GI’s returned home and started families, the economy began to grow with innovation. This opened the doors for many new items on the market, especially in toys. Mood Ring anyone?

If you grew up in this time you might remember watching Bonanza while snacking on Chocolate Gold Coins. Or making your mother mad by being late to dinner because you had to wave goodnight to Lassie. Girls wore dresses that matched their mother’s when they went to the grocery store. If you were good you might have been able to get a Charleston Chew or a couple of Cherry Slices.

Teens took over with their new, edgier attitude and sexier clothing, like leather jackets and silhouetted dresses. You tried to be as cool as your older brother, with your own pack of Candy Cigarettes but it was hard to be that cool. Though, one time you did eat an entire Atomic Fireball without tearing up which was pretty impressive.

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