1960s Candy

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Welcome to the decade of peace, love, and Swedish Fish. In the 1960’s, we said goodbye to two great men who were taken from us too soon, we took a giant leap, were stuck on an island with Gilligan, and got inked thanks to Fruit Striped gum. It seemed like everyone was glued to the TV as history colorfully unfolded in our living rooms.

You pretended to be an astronaut exploring the planets while enjoying the space themed Astro Pop. Nothing said summer like the glistening chrome of a new Schwinn Stingray and a bike ride around the neighborhood. You knew you and your best friend were meant to be because they ate all the Starburst flavors you didn’t like.

Eventually, you both discovered the art of getting the maximum amount of Pixy Stick dust out of its paper container. You’ll never forget what your first Barbie doll was wearing when you got her. Or when your brother attacked her with his G.I Joe. Young adults took on the hippie lifestyle as they preached a world of love and shocked the nation with their antics at Woodstock.

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