What's The Best Peanut Butter Candy?

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We've been trying to answer this question....

What’s the best peanut butter candy of all time? 

It’s a question that’s been asked by many candy lovers across the world. And while most of us have a grip on which candy we would choose as our favorite, it’s hard to pick the top 10. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to come together as a team of candy crazies and rank the best peanut butter candy according to a retro candy company.

Sure this list might look different than yours, and that’s ok, the important thing is that we all understand peanut butter is one of the best candy flavors/ingredients of all time and there’s no debate about that.

Now, where were we? 

Ohh yes, the list of the 10 best peanut butter candies of all time (in no particular order)! 

10 Best Peanut Butter Candies Of All Time

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

If you love peanut butter chances are you also love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Since its creation in 1928, candy connoisseurs have flocked to shelves to stock up on this iconic peanut butter candy.

The perfect mixture of creamy peanut butter covered in smooth milk chocolate makes it the perfect snack for people with a sweet tooth. Combine that with an eye-catching package of neon orange and yellow and you’ve got yourself one of the best peanut butter candies of all time. And if you don’t think so, you might want to check out our ranking of the best Reese’s products of all time just to confirm that your sweet tooth is wrong. 

Butterfinger Full Candy Bar


This list wouldn’t be complete without this peanut butter candy bar. The Butterfinger, first invented in 1923, was developed by Otto Schnering at the Curtiss Candy Company in Chicago, IL. The iconic name actually came from the mind of a local Chicagoan who submitted the idea to the candy naming contest held by Curtiss Candy Company.

After settling on a name, the team then decided it was a good idea to drop Butterfingers from the sky with hopes that people would love them—and love them they did! Now, Butterfinger is still one of the most popular candies of all time and remains a staple of American culture. 

Peanut M&M

While we all know the classic Peanut M&M, people tend to forget about the more recent shelf-shaker, Peanut Butter M&M. These little nuggets of goodness are stuffed full of peanut butter, covered in milk chocolate, and impossible to eat just one.

For the first 50 years, candy lovers could only get the taste of peanuts inside M&Ms, then in 1991, they released what would become a best-selling product in the Peanut Butter M&Ms. These handheld bites are perfect for an ice cream topping, coffee table candy jar, or my personal favorite a handful right before you go to bed. 

Take 5 Candy Bar


What's better than the combination of creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate? How about adding some caramel and crispy pretzel too?! The Reese’s Take 5 goes above and beyond the traditional PB and chocolate combo to create something entirely different that is filled with texture from the first bite to final crumb.

Originally made by Hershey's in 2004, the Take5 candy bar has always held its own against other peanut butter candy bars, and in 2019 was bought out by the Reese's family. Since then, it has set a world record for the largest candy bar and won a spot on the Los Angeles Times power-ranking candy bar list!

Clark Cups Peanut Butter

Clark Cups

Clark candy bars date all the way back to the first world war. They actually were made for the U.S. Troops serving overseas as an extra shot of energy due to the ingredients of peanut butter and chocolate. After both wars, Americans had fallen in love with the sweet treat so much that Clark skyrocketed in popularity until it changed ownership in the ‘90s.

During the transition of ownership, Clark tried to vamp up production of their candy bars only to find they would come out inconsistent. So they ended up using all of the leftover peanut butter from botched bars to make Clark Cups, which became the second most popular item on the books for this 100-year-old candy brand.

Reese's Pumpkin Shape

Reese’s Shapes

We couldn’t write this list without including a peanut butter lover’s favorite: Reese’s Shapes! While the classic Reese’s cup is one for the Candy Hall of Fame, there’s something about the shapes that pack an entirely different peanut butter punch—and people love them!

Whether it be the Halloween shapes like pumpkins, ghosts, and bats, or Holiday shapes like Christmas trees, hearts, or Easter eggs, each one of these shapes is stuffed to the edges with peanut butter. Compared to the rest of the Reese’s family, these bars far, pack the most peanut butter and the least amount of chocolate, so for you true obsessors, this is definitely the first choice candy.

Abba Zaba Single Serve Candy Bar

Abba Zaba

When it comes to retro peanut butter candy, Abba Zaba holds it down as one of the best. Developed in California, it was one of the first peanut butter candy bars to be produced on the west coast. What also makes Abba Zaba different from the rest of the treats on this list is that it’s an exclusive peanut butter candy in that the only primary ingredient is peanut butter itself with a light layer of taffy to keep it intact. Tasting this candy bar is a power move for all peanut butter lovers because you are getting every bit of flavor from the peanut butter and not having it masked by other tastes like chocolate, caramel, etc.

Old Dominion Peanut Candy Bar

Peanut Bars Old Dominion

If you loved Planter’s Peanut Bars, this is going to become your newfound favorite. Old Dominion Peanut Company has been around since 1913 and makes some of the best peanut treats in the entire United States.

From classic peanut brittle to pecans, cashews, and more, they have been making peanut sweets for over 100 years and know a thing or two about peanut butter. Hence when Planters closed up shop on their peanut bar, Old Dominion took the opportunity to step in and give people what they wanted. This classic peanut bar is a mixture of peanut butter, brittle, and regular nuts that makes for an overwhelming crunchy experience that will send your taste buds to another dimension.

Zagnut Candy Bar Single Serve


Zagnut is another Pennsylvania-native company that’s been slinging tasty peanut butter treats for almost 100 years. What makes them unique is that when everyone started covering their peanut butter with milk chocolate and caramel, Zagnut went in another direction and sided with coconut. This candy bar is loaded down with a thick layer of peanut butter, complimented by a layer of toasted coconut that brings an added crunch you cannot get in any other candy bar.

Whatchamacallit Candy Bar Single Serve


This peanut butter snack is a little harder to find in your local grocery store. The Whatchamacallit was developed by Hershey’s in 1978 as a way to expand its selection of peanut butter products and give consumers more variety.

The name itself comes from the classic idiom, “whatchamacallit” when someone cannot remember what exactly they are referring to. In this case, it was the perfect fit for a peanut butter candy bar looking to grab the attention of candy lovers around the country. Though we don’t see many TV ads or Instagram posts about this candy bar, it is still sold at select retailers and candy shops including ours right here! 

Pack on the peanut butter! 

Now that you’ve read the entire list, would you agree with this ranking? If not, which ones would you have included on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll consider switching it up next year when we come back for our annual re-rank. 

And while you’re debating this list with family members, do yourself and your tummy a favor and grab all of your favorite peanut butter candy right here and we’ll ship it straight to your front door. 

Stay Sweet!

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