6 Chocolate Desserts Made From Candy Bars

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Did you know that February is National Chocolate Lover’s Month? 

Actually, there are about 15 different “holidays” celebrating the delectable treat, but it’s become so widely loved that we had to dedicate an entire month to honor its delicious legacy. 

And while there are some that would rather cure their sweet tooth with other treats, there’s a large sum of the population that loves themselves a good chocolate bar.

There’s just something about taking that first bite into a fresh chocolate bar that can take you to another dimension filled with sweet memories of childhood—you know what I’m talking about, right? 

Recently, we spent some time snacking on our favorite chocolate candy bars, thinking of ways we could expand our palates, and came up with the perfect idea to celebrate National Chocolate Lover’s Month.

Take all the chocolate bars that we love, and turn them into finger-licking desserts that will take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of flavor.

Sounds sweeter than Mary Poppins spoonful of sugar, right? 

So if you’re someone who’s in love with chocolate as much as we are, and you’re thinking, “I definitely need to celebrate National Chocolate Lover’s Month right now” grab your recipe notebook and jot down these 7 delectable chocolate desserts made from candy bars. 

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar Cake

In the spirit of chocolate candy bars, we had to find a Hershey’s recipe that takes their classic candy to another level, and let’s just say, we did.

This Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar Cake is better than your grandmother’s bundt cake (sorry Nana step aside) and might become your new favorite dessert recipe. Usually, we like to lean on the professionals—real bakers and dessert makers—for their expertise when it comes to concocting desserts, but the people over at Hershey’s nailed this one.

The recipe is super simple, takes little to no time, and delivers big on the gooey, chocolatey flavor you won’t find in any other dessert cake. 

Grab the recipe for yourself right here

Kit Kat Brownies

We all know the Kit Kat theme song, but there’s one lyric they left off at the end of it that we think should be re-added—it’s brownies!

In our search for other chocolate desserts made from candy bars, we stumbled into a recipe that will flip everything you know about brownies on its head. It takes all the things that you loved in a traditional brownie batter and amps it up with the crunchiest chocolate bar known to man, the KitKat.

Normally, we like to keep smooth and creamy textures away from crunchy, but when we tell you this has some mouthfeel you’re going to love, trust us.

Just imagine baked brownie goodness, stuffed to the edges with crispy, crunchy wafers and melted milk chocolate. Pretty good, right?

If your mouth started watering over that vivid description, go ahead and get the recipe right here

No-Bake Twix Pie

Calling all our pie people, this recipe is for you! We couldn’t make a list of the best chocolate candy bar desserts without including a one-of-a-kind pie that will put grocery store pies to shame. 

This No-Bake Twix Pie recipe, courtesy of The Salty Marshmallow, is everything you love about the Twix candy bar whipped up nicely into a perfect pie. And the best part about it is that you don’t even need an oven to make this dreamy dessert a reality!

All it takes is 7 simple ingredients, including your favorite Twix to make this cool and creamy dessert. But fair warning, one slice is not going to cut it, you’re going to want more. 

Try it for yourself by tapping right here for the recipe

Almond Joy Magic Bars

You know the seven-layer bars they used to sell at your local bakery and deli? We loved those, but one thing always seemed to be missing from them—some extra chocolate kick.

Luckily for us, we found a recipe from fellow cocoa-lover, ChocolaTess, that takes the seven-layer bar and elevates it with your favorite candy bar, Almond Joy.

Whether you’re going to a group celebration that needs a chocolatey treat, or you’re just looking for a daily dessert that you can keep on hand for your cravings, these Almond Joy Magic Bars are loaded with a chocolatey, coconut kick anyone will enjoy.

Check out the recipe for yourself right here. 

Butterfinger Truffles 

What do you think of when we say truffle?

For most candy connoisseurs, the term truffle automatically takes your taste buds from average to elegant.

Something about the name “truffle” tacked onto any dessert automatically enters it into a new category all its own. And while we agree that this truffle recipe lives in its own category, you might be surprised by its lack of expensive ingredients.

This Butterfinger Truffle recipe is delicious, decadent, and most definitely a stand-alone dessert. It takes the ingredients from a classic childhood candy bar, Butterfinger, and transforms it into a light, airy, and soft confection that should be wrapped in gold and served to the royal family. 

If you want to treat your tummy like royalty, we highly recommend grabbing this truffle recipe for your next dessert

Reese’s Monkey Bread

You know why they wait for dessert at the end right? Because the best things come last and that includes this final chocolate dessert recipe that might just blow your taste buds right out of your mouth.

Introducing Reese’s Monkey Bread: chocolate and peanut butter delight that could put the cookie monster in a sugar coma.

Some of you might be familiar with monkey bread, but if you’re not we’ll be the first to tell you it’s addicting. Think of how addicting mini M&Ms can be, then multiply that by 100 and that’s just a taste of how addicting this loaf of sugary goodness actually is.

When we found a monkey bread recipe with Reese’s, we almost dropped to the floor in disbelief that someone could think of something so delicious and keep it all to themselves.

Luckily Sarah over at The Gold Lining Girl hooked us with the best Reese’s monkey bread recipe on the internet, and you can grab it for yourself right here

Chocolate just got that much sweeter…

There’s liking chocolate and then there is loving chocolate.

If you’re like us and you really LOVE chocolate, celebrate National Chocolate Lover’s Month with us and check out one of the six recipes above, grab all the candy you need in our digital aisles, and prepare your sweet tooth for a dessert of epic proportions.

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