Curly Wurly (Marathon Bar)

The Marathon Bar is gone but the Cadbury Curly Wurly definitely takes it place. It's about same size as the original, it is 1 by 8 inches of braided caramel covered with milk chocolate. You will not be disappointed.

Marathon Bar History

The Marathon Bar was a full eight inches of braided caramel covered in milk chocolate. Mars introduced it in 1973 and thanks to its bright-red package and extra long size, it stood out among the competition. Inch markings printed on the wrapper showed just how long it actually was.

The length was the result of its braided shape but it didn't actually weigh more than standard candy bars of the time. When sales didn't meet expectations in 1981, Mars discontinued it.

We at the Old Time Candy Company were disappointed too... but, we are happy that we discovered the Curly Wurly made by Cadbury. Cadbury is located in England and one of the largest candy makers in the world. They are better known in Europe than in the US and the taste of their chocolate is nothing short of outstanding.

Curly Wurly (Marathon Bar)

We have to import them form England which means they are a little "pricey" but you will not be disappointed. It is a top seller and we have many repeat buyers. It also one of our personal favorites.

Jason Liebig sent us a photo of a recent addition to his candy wrapper collection. You can read more about Jason and his collection on Flickr. Image used with permission.

Marathon Bar Memories

I remember growing up and absolutely loving the Marathon Bar. I remember the commercial like it was still on today. As a kid, I used to imitate the commercial walking into the saloon with my Marathon Bar. My family and friends knew how much I liked them that they used to attach them to my birthday gifts! I was so disappointed when the stopped making them.

For years, I would look for them in candy shops and online with no luck. I even had my kids looking for them if they ever went someplace that sold candy. Now 40+ years later, my boyfriend discovered your site and surprised my with what is now known as Curly Wurly Bars! I opened the package and I was like a little kid again! Eating the first one made me flash back to my childhood and brought a huge smile to my face! Thank you Tim! I love you!!!!! ~Lisa from New Jersey

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