Fruit Stripe Gum

"Yipes Stripes" 17 pieces to a pack. Do you remember the 5 flavors and really sweet smell? It's still there. Do you remember gum-wrapper chains? Fruit Stripe is one of the few gums still being packaged in wrappers that can be made into chains. Check out the retro TV commercial below.

Fruit Stripe Gum History

Fruit Stripe gum launched in the early 1960’s as an extension of the Beech Nut gum line. It is the only gum with painted on stripes. Yipes is the name of the Fruit Stripe Zebra.  

Fruit Stripe Gum Memories

Fruit Stripe Gum

While in 7th grade Pre-Algebra, the highly irritating boy behind me would rub chalk across his hand, than slap me on the back, leaving a handprint I had to walk around with for the rest of the day. To get back at him, I would make fun of his favorite striped shirt. It had stripes in various widths and was the exact same color as lime fruit stripe gum. So I called him "Fruit Stripe," and he stopped chalking my back.

The following school year I didn't have any classes with him, but I did run into him at the horrid Junior High Christmas dance. He asked me to dance and I said yes. When we finished with our awkward prancing, he asked if I wanted some gum and pulled out a pack of Fruit Stripe. "I've been carrying it ever since you started calling me Fruit Stripe because it reminds me of you." I melted and accepted a stick. Lime, of course. It's now ten years later and we're getting married in the Spring. ~ Molly from Pennsylvania

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