Licorice Snaps

Licorice Snaps are available in limited quantities from time to time. Check here.

Licorice Snaps, the original candy coated licorice made by the American Licorice Company was introduced in the 1930s.

Licorice Snaps Memories

licorice snaps

When I was a child in Salt Lake City, I loved licorice, especially Licorice Snaps. It was a real treat to buy a box of Snaps. They were 2 cents back then. In our neighborhood it was almost required to save the pink ones to eat last.

To us, the pink ones had an ever so slight soapy flavor and we felt that it was a must to eat those last. Just as you washed off the dishes after a meal, you ate the pink ones to clean your mouth. Even as an adult, I still save the pink ones and eat them last. ~ Kathy from Texas

When I was a kid, I had 2 favorite licorice candies and one was snaps...(I like the pink ones best). I cannot find the other candy I liked but my favorite now for sure is snaps and you can't find them everywhere and when you do they are in small amounts. My granddaughter and her children are staying with me and I was surprised to know she liked snaps too, so it’s kind of a race to the candy jar. I'm really grateful I can find snaps in 2 pound bags. ~Gail from Illinois