We are sad to announce that the manufacturer has discontinued Chiclets and our stock is gone. We are disappointed too.  Please consider Chicle Chews as a replacement.

Chiclets History

Adams developed Chiclets over a century ago and it quickly became known as the candy coated gum. Chiclets hasn’t changed much over the decades and its iconic mini box of 2 Chiclets is still a Halloween fan favorite.

Chiclets Gum Memories

Chiclets Gum counter display I came from a very poor family. At the time, I was about 3 or 4 years old. Once in awhile we were given a quarter, we went to the corner store, and they would fill up a little candy bag with different candies. Chiclets I loved, I loved to suck on them to get the outside coating off and then start to chew.

I also had a PEZ dispenser and when the PEZ candies were gone, I would try to turn the Chiclets side wise and put them in the PEZ dispenser trying to get a chiclet to come out, oddly enough they would come out. I held on to my bag of candy making it last as long as I could way after my brothers and sisters had theirs gone, I would hide it so they never new I had it.

The little boxes of Chiclets always lasted me longer than anything else because I would get about 5 boxes, that would give me ten pieces, I only took one out at a time and put the rest in the PEZ dispenser. Sometimes they would figure out that I had some and cry to my mother that I had candy and was made to give it to them. But I always had another secret compartment and hiding place. ~ Kat from Tennesse