Oh Henry Candy Bar

Please note: We are sad to announce that Oh Henry candy bar has been discontinued by the manufactuer. We are disappointed too.

Each Oh Henry candy bar package contains 2 peanutty, caramel fudge bars in rich milk chocolate. Wondering about the name? See below.

Oh Henry Candy Bar History

The "Oh Henry" name has nothing to do with Hamerin' Hank the baseball player or O. Henry the author. This Henry was the name of a young man who used to come to the Williamson Candy Store in Chicago where chocolate was being made and sold.  

 Henry would kid around with the young ladies who made the candy. After awhile, they began asking Henry to do little jobs and favors. "Oh Henry, do this" or "Oh Henry, will you get me that?" Later that year (1921) "Oh Henry" became the name of the new candy bar.

Oh Henry Candy Bar Memories

Oh Henry

Oh Henry! is one of my all-time favorite candy bars!! The taste of this candy bar just takes me back to memories of my mother (1960-2006). She used to buy this candy frequently and always shared a piece with me when I was younger. Recently, I came across this candy at a local store and I was thrilled to see it back on the shelves! I bought 2 candy bars that day and shared them with my husband and my 4yr old son- I also shared memories/stories of my mom. ~Erica from Texas

I grew up on the "Jersey Shore". My sister and I were both born on the same day thus we were able to share a birthday tradition together.

Each year we would walk to the Boardwalk and head towards the Wheel Of Candy stand. We both had three dollars worth of dimes and placed them on each spot. When the wheel would spin and stop we were always winners! I would say, "here, you pick for your birthday present" and she would return the favor. We always chose a whole box of Oh Henry Candy each.

It was fun to see them available to me once again. Since our birthday is coming up and I am going to be fifty I plan to order a box! And I think I will send one to my sister as well! ~ Jan from New Jersey