Candy Watches

We are sad to announce that Candy Watches have been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

candy watch

Candy Watch Memories

Life was hard as the daughter of a dental assistant. Growing up, my brother and I loved, loved, loved candy and my mother did not share of love affair with the substance. However, IF we promised to brush our teeth immediately following indulging in our favorite candy, she would acquiesce reluctantly.

The local corner store had the best assortment of penny candy (by the early 70s more than a penny, but still reasonable). Our favorites were the candy watches and candy necklaces. We would be decked out in our "jewelry", pretending to know the time (with our "watches") and offering the time of day to anyone who wanted it. It always seemed to be "half past" or "quarter past" some hour as that what we heard most from our parents.

We loved the watches also, as they afforded us lots of time to nibble on our loot. If we could get a full day out of it, we were thrilled. My mother was less thrilled with this arrangement, but we always did as promised and brushed our teeth after eating it. The days of summer were better with candy watches! ~ Kelly from Massachusetts