Spree - 1.77 oz roll

Spree - 1.77 oz roll


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Product Details

Spree are assorted sweetart disks with a candy shell. They come in the original flavors which are grape, lemon, lime, cherry and orange. Like it says on the side, "It's a kick in the mouth!"
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Additional Information


Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

When I was about 7, growing up in Aspen, my best friend and I used to buy a roll of Spree at the movie theater. We got a discount because the theater owner had lived in my house before my family did. When we got home, my friend and I would lock ourselves in the bathroom and create lovely make-up looks by licking the candies and rubbing them on our faces. The dye came off when they were wet. Quite vivid blue and green for eyes, and red for lips and cheeks. We felt very glamorous, if a little sticky! Shawna in Toronto
When I was a child, Spree candy was packaged in envelopes that were printed with photos of young active couples in love, doing things like sailing or walking on the beach. I used to stand in the candy aisle of our dime store and look through all the Spree packages to pick out my favorite picture. Those photos looked so inviting it made me love the candy even more. (And of course I loved the candy and it's smooth colorful coating.) Donna from Missouri

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Marianne Frangella


All 80's Candy Was Great!

My daughter just turned 30 and we decided to throw her a party. We thought "What better idea than to serve the candy of her time!" Spree was just one of the fantastic assortment that Old Time Candy had available. The candy was not only good, but was delivered very quickly, and nicely packed. Everyone really enjoyed everything that we served. No complaints here! I am officially a "regular" customer. :)


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