Kris from Indiana

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I can remember when the 100 grand bars were called $100,000 bars. I remember the first time I ate one. I had been helping my dad on the farm. When we returned home, my dad said he had something to share with me. We sat down on the front porch, and he took out a $100,000 bar. He told me it was the most expensive bar there was! He also said that this was how much I could look forward to making when I was older.
Then, since there were two bars in every pack, he took one of the bars and gave me the other. There were many times as I grew older, that my dad and I shared a $100,000 bar while walking down to the farm. Even to this day, I still remember sharing the candy bar, the $100,000, with my dad.

So glad I found you!

Evelyn Berry

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