Chunky - 1.4 oz bar

Chunky - 1.4 oz bar


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Product Details

Chunky is a candy bar that is a big chunk of chocolate with peanuts and raisins. Each bar can be broken into 4 parts. "Chunky, what a chunk of chocolate!"
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

I grew up in Canada so I really don't have a favorite American candy, my husband however IS American and he grew up eating Chunky bars. Not only that but his father also ate them when HE was a kid. So for my husband's birthday (at the time my boyfriend), I decided to order him a box of Chunkies.
As soon as they arrived at his doorstep and he took one look inside, he burst out in tears and called his dad to tell him how much he loved me. His father said to him, "Well son, that is one lucky girl, you better not let her go." "I know dad," he said. Two minutes later I got a call and he proposed to me. I guess that was the little push he needed to finally commit to me after 6 months of dating. And now we're expecting a baby boy! Thank you for making my dreams come true!! Rit from Washington
As a teen, the introduction of a sizable chunk of milk chocolate would have been enough, however to infuse nut chips and raisins....... was the best! I enjoyed other candies individually because they had nuts - and the chocolate-covered raisins alone were good. The combination of all three at one time in what seemed to be a "huge" chunk of my favorite (chocolate) was a daily treat.. Tommi from California
Arnold Stang doing Chunky commercials (Chunky. What a chunk of chocolate!) The bar was so much thicker than others and it had all of my favorite ingredients. Chocolate, raisins and pecans. Mark from Wisconsin

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Steven Majid


Great Tasting And Very Addictive

If you like chocolate covered ANYTHING, especially raisins, this chocolate bar is for you! The way the chocolate mixes with the flavor of the raisins and peanuts as you chew it just makes this bar mouth-watering and irresistible. You won't be able to eat one in four different sections; you'll want to take a big bite right out of it, followed by another big bite! Bottom line: Very, very tasty, and I'd definitely order it again. Thanks Old Time Candy!


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