Chunky Candy History

It contained Brazil nuts, cashews, raisins and chocolate, and come in a thick, almost square shape (to be more exact, the shape was that of a truncated pyramid). What better name for such a bar than Chunky?

Chunky Candy Bar

Chunky first came on the scene in the mid-1930s, when a New York City candy maker and wholesale confectioner, Philip Silvershein manufactured it. Mr. Silvershein came home from work one day with a pyramid shaped block of plaster of Paris. He contemplated it for many hours and then cut off the top! The shape of the Chunky bar was formed. Silvershein named the candy after his granddaughter, who at the time was a "chunky" baby.

Mr. Silvershein was very friendly with William Wrigley (of the gum fortune). Mr. Wrigley helped to distribute the Chunky bar by placing it alongside his gum. Today, Chunky is made by the Nestle' Company.

Chunky Candy Bar Memories

It was the 1950's and candy was a luxury my eight siblings and I were not allowed. But one summer my sister and I, as the two girls eldest in the family, were sent to a local summer camp for low income children. It was a summer I would never forget and the highlight of that summer was a love affair that would last a lifetime.

Every afternoon, after a rest period, we were marched by a table on which sat donations from companies who made snacks for children. We could choose one snack each afternoon, something I'd only dreamed about doing at home. The open boxes took up the whole table but one box of shiny silver wrappers caught my attention so I choose a Chunky.

The thick chocolate with raisins and nuts was something I'd never dreamed existed. It was the start of a long and satisfying relationship. My daughter now buys us the extra large version for the two of us to share when I visit. She can't imagine a childhood without candy and thanks to Chunky, neither can I! ~ Joan from Florida

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