Candy Drops - horehound - 6 oz bag

Candy Drops - horehound - 6 oz bag


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Product Details

Old fashioned horehound drops by Claeys Candies. Each 6 oz bag contains about 36 pieces.
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Claey's Candy

Candy Memories

I remember hanging out with my grandfather a lot when I was little girl. He used to always give me Horehound Drops. I remember all the great memories I had going to this real old store. My grandfather's friend that he served the U.S. Army, owned the little part gas station and part store. My grandfather would give me a whole bag of horehounds for me to have. That was such a treat for me as horehounds drops were always my favorite. I remember they used to always talk about old war stories, and fun times they had together. I watched them intently as they would pop a horehound into their mouths as they kept talking and other times as they helped customers pulling into the station by checking their cars and filling their gas tanks. I always loved listening to them while eating a whole bag of horehound drops all to myself. Maybe that is one of the memories that impacted my life, to serve in the U.S. Army for 8 years. Either way, everytime I see or hear about Horehound drops, my mind floods back to those easier times and all the wonderful memories I had with my grandpa and his Army buddy. Marlena from Texas
I used to trade anything I had for horehound candies to the girl that sat beside me in grade school. She was able to eat them in school because she said they were cough drops. I love um to this day... Jerry from Missouri*

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Judy Farrar



Horehound candy is a sweet reminder of my sweet grandma. She alway carried a few in her pocket. At the first sigh of a cold she would give you one. They seemed to make you feel a litte better. I was so glad to find these. It's like having a short visit with her.


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