Candy Drops

Candy Drops History

Old Fashioned Candy Drops have been around for decades. While we have not been able to trace the beginning, candy drops have been advertised since early 1900s. The horehound and lemon flavors are the most popular. So why are they called "drops?" According the good folks at Claey's Candy, the candy is formed in a mold and then "dropped" onto rollers to be bagged. Therefore the name, Candy Drops.

Candy Drops Memories

My grandmother had a cabinet next to the sink that contained her stash of Lemon Drops. She would open the door and you could smell them across the room. She said she kept some on hand because they helped when she had an upset stomach, but I don't think that was the whole truth because she was constantly savoring a Lemon Drop.

The good thing about that is every time she would have one she would give me one. Thanks to my grandmother I developed a love for Lemon Drops that I still retain today. I am now passing this tradition to my own grandchildren. ~ Rhonda from Indiana

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