Bun - vanilla - 1.75 oz bar

Bun - vanilla - 1.75 oz bar

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Product Details

Vanilla Bun candy bars have a mound of milk chocolate, roasted peanuts and creamy vanilla center.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Pearson Candy

Candy Memories

I grew up in the '50's & 60's. My grandchildren love to hear the stories. I'd walk home from school, and in Wisconsin it was a cold, and frequently snowy, walk. My friends and I would stop at the soda fountain the Pink Pony - to warm-up and have our favorite snack - a Bun and a cherry Coke. Back then the cherry Coke was made with real cherry juice and the Bun was huge! (at least to a young girl). I haven't seen them in years but my grandsons and I keep our eyes open just in case. Becky from Virginia
Bun was a great candy bar, chocolate, peanuts and caramel or vanilla or maple goodness inside. Back in the late 50's and 60's, they weren't everywhere. My Dad was a traveling salesman and whenever he happened across them, he would treat me with a handful of them. He always got a big hug as a reward. Still can't find them here in Ohio, but a few years ago, my youngest daughter bought me a case of each for Christmas. What a dear. They're terrific frozen! Barb from Ohio

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Gary


Guilty Pleasure

The vanilla bun been a guilty pleasure of my since childhood (50 = years).
They have been extremely hard to find in my area, I was delighted when I found this site, Old Time Candy. The candies were delivered on time, fresh, undamaged.
A great place to deal with. I will buy from them again!


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