Bun Candy Bar

Bun Candy Bar Memories

Summers in Topinabee, Michigan on Mullet Lake as a child meant beautiful blue sky days playing in cold water waves, finished off by late afternoon walks to the family run grocery along Old US 27 to buy a candy bar - and the favorite was a Wayne Buns, maple flavor.

I still remember the chocolate covered nuts covering the round candy. You had to be careful when you bit into the chocolate not to lose any peanuts as they broke off revealing that creamy maple center. Melt in your mouth delicious, the candy never lasted the walk back to the beach. ~ Betsy from Oregon

Bun Candy BoxMy whole family remembers Buns fondly. Growing up, they were a special treat, not just because they're tasty, but because, being little kids, they were HUGE! My sisters and I grew up in the 70's, but I think they were around much earlier, considering my Mom used to talk about them. I still buy them whenever I see them. They also had special significance because they were made in our home town, Fort Wayne, Indiana, not far from where we lived. In fact, when we were kids, we remember them as Wayne Buns. Boy that brings back memories. I can almost taste the vanilla cream just thinking about it. I just had to order some so that my wife could try them! ~ Sean from Indiana

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