New Candy You Need To Try This New Year

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A new year calls for new candy!

It’s 2023 and everyone is trying to keep up their New Year’s resolutions, meanwhile, we’re trying to decide what new candies came out and which we are going to try first.

Nobody said you had to give up candy this year, so instead check out these 10 new candies that we’ve acquired in 2023! 

Abba Zaba Mystery Box

Abba Zaba Mystery Box

You remember the chewy taffy covered in a black and yellow checkerboard wrapper, right? It’s hard to mistake Abba Zaba for any other kind of candy as it’s been serving up one of the most iconic taffy treats in the world since 1922

Fast forward 100 years and they continue to tease the taste buds of candy lovers with their newest release: Abba Zaba Mystery Flavor. Unlike other Mystery Flavor candy, this one comes in a pack of 24 different mystery flavors that you get to try. Each individual Zaba is loaded with a completely different flavor that you have to find for yourself.  

High Chew Sweet & Sour Mix

Hi-Chew Sweet & Sour Mix 

If you’ve never tried the original Hi-Chew before, we’ll be the first folks to tell you you’re missing out on some serious flavor. Imagine a juicer version of a Starburst with unique flavors like strawberry, green apple, grape, blue raspberry, rainbow sherbert and more.

While you can never go wrong with the classic, Hi-Chew recently released a Sweet and Sour Mix that combines three new flavors never done before: watermelon, lemon, and grapefruit. If you’re tired of the same boring chewy candy, grab yourself a pack of the new Hi-Chew Sweet and Sour and send your taste buds into another realm with these treats. 

Bunch Of Bananas Package

Bunch Of Bananas

Everybody wanted to eat those gummi burgers, hot dogs, and pizza as a kid. Something about swapping the real meal for a gummi is one of those childhood fantasies that tempted all of us when we walked into any candy store.

The maker of all those classic treats is eFrutti and they’ve got a new treat that fruit lovers are going bananas for—literally! Introducing the Bunch of Bananas. A perfectly packed bag of soft, chewy, gummi candy covered in sugar that brings all the flavors of the classic banana hard candy everyone loves. 

Rocky Road with Sea Salt

Rocky Road With Sea Salt

When you think of Rocky Road most folks go straight to the ice cream, but there’s another sweet treat that bears the same name with drastic difference: it’s a candy bar. Rocky Road has been making double chocolate dipped marshmallow candy bars for decades and this year they decided to bring something new to the table: Rocky Road with Sea Salt.

Usually their savory candy bar is loaded with marshmallows and roasted cashews, but this time around they threw in additional sea salt. If you’re in the market for something sweet, savory, and slightly fluffy, this is a great new candy to try.

Moon Pie Double Decker Vanilla

Moon Pie Double Decker Vanilla 

Moon Pie is one of those treats that fits into many categories. Some call it a candy, others a baked good, and there are even a few who might even consider it a midday snack.

Whatever time of day you choose to eat Moon Pie, the real decision to be made is between some new flavors they’ve released to the public including Vanilla and Banana Double Decker. Yes you read that correctly, these aren’t just another Moon Pie, these are double decker meaning double the puff, double the sweetness. Try one for yourself! 

Cry Baby Nitro Gum Balls

Cry Baby Nitro Sour Gum Balls

If you’re one of those people who craves sour candy, this is for you. Cry Baby is known for producing some of the most sour candy on the market and in 2023 they’re adding a sweet flavor into the mix. Similar to the iconic Sour Patch Kid, Cry Baby figured that not everyone wants their mouth to feel sour for an entire day so they created the Cry Baby Sour and Sweet Gumballs.

These gumballs hit with a big sour flavor up front and as you chew, it turns into a sweet gum that lasts longer than most packs of Trident. Definitely a first pick for anyone who loves to snack on hard candy but doesn't want to eat the entire package. 

Toxic Waste Sour Gummi Worms

Toxic Waste Sour Gummi Worms

Speaking of sour sweets there’s one more new candy that you have to get your hands on if you love sending those taste buds into the sour dimension. Toxic Waste, another notoriously sour candy brand just released their Sour Gummi Worms. Imagine the classic childhood candy gummi worm and elevate it with a sour tang that is unmatched in other gummi candy. It’s a sure fire way to tingle your tongue with sugary goodness. 

Maple Dipped Peanuts 2 lbs

Maple Double Dipped Peanuts

Go to any small-town America candy store and chances are you’re going to find maple dipped peanuts. Just like chocolate covered, these little nuggets are dunked in a thick and creamy maple coating and served up in a gargantuan 2lb bag. Great for bringing to a party or binging on your couch while watching Netflix, these double dipped peanuts will have you thinking about maple syrup in every bite. 

New candy coming straight to your door! 

There you have it: all the new candies you need to try in this new year. And if you’re someone who likes to stick to the childhood favorites, chances are we have it in our digital aisles. 

Just tap right here to start exploring!

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