You Need To Watch These Classic Christmas Movies!

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What classic Christmas movies are your favorite?

While some people will be frolicking from party to party, there will be others who keep it low-key at home this holiday. If you are one of those people, let us be the first to congratulate you on making the greatest decisions ever—nothing beats spending the whole day relaxing on Christmas.

So while you’re sitting at home enjoying some time with your friends, family, or whoever it is you celebrate with, why not make it a Christmas movie marathon?!

There are tons of Christmas classics out there, but there are just a few that can really bring you back to childhood, so we went ahead and pulled them together in a nice list for you. 

5 classic Christmas movies we all know and love. 

A Year Without Santa Claus Screenshot

A Year Without Santa Claus

This wouldn’t be a classic Christmas movie list if we didn’t put A Year Without Santa Claus at the top. As one of the early stop-motion pictures from this time period, this holiday film has held a place in the heart of Christmas for decades and is still broadcast by Warner Brothers every year during December.

This 1974 flick based on Phyllis Mcginley’s book tells the tale of a sickly Santa that’s decided to take his own holiday and not deliver gifts. Mrs. Claus thinks otherwise and enlists the help of some faithful reindeer and fellow Christmas characters to get the big man back on track for Christmas. With song appearances from the Snow Meiser and Heat Meiser, this is one of those movies you’ll never forget and always enjoy when it comes on.

To honor the two iconic brothers from this flick, why not kick back with some Hot Tamales and Peppermints

Charlie Brown Christmas Screenshot

Charlie Brown Christmas 

For those of you who like to stick to tradition around this time of year, there’s really no question about what movie needs to be on deck for Christmas Day celebrations, A Charlie Brown Christmas!

This film, which premiered in 1965, is one that most hold dear to their hearts during the holiday season. The story of Charlie and his journey to finding the true meaning of Christmas is funny, adventurous, and most of all shines some light on what we all should really be thinking about this time of year.

Ohh, and let us not forget the Christmas classic soundtrack that comes during the entire Peanut performance—this might be the best Christmas soundtrack of all time. So don’t miss out on this one and if you really want to take your Christmas movie night to another level grab some chocolate-covered peanuts to eat while you watch. 

A Christmas Story Screenshot

A Christmas Story 

Is it really Christmas time if you didn’t watch Bob Clark’s A Christmas Story? This is one that should be on constant repeat if you’re a fan of nostalgic Christmas classics.

Nothing beats watching Ralphie’s endless pursuit to get his hands on a coveted Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock, while his little brother Randy follows his every move in an oversized snowsuit. Between the tongue stuck on the light pole, soap in the mouth, and Ralphie’s daydreams of shooting robbers, this film has all the feels for childhood.

Not to mention the iconic scene when Ralphie spills the nuts from the car wheel and lets out a big old “FUDGE”. This scene was so popular they even made a fudge based on the film that is perfect for snacking while you watch. 

Home Alone Screenshot

Home Alone

Who didn’t want to be Kevin McAllister at one point or another in their life?

Just imagine what it was like to be left alone to your own devices during the Christmas season? Not too bad if you like to spend the holidays alone, right? As we all know, he had to put up with some rather wet and sticky bandits that were trying to break into his home resulting in a full fledged war between him and two grown robbers—we know who won.

This Christmas cult classic created by Chris Columbus, starring Macaulay Culkin was a smash when it hit the theaters in 1990 and earned itself a much-deserved sequel that once again blasted the box offices during Christmas.

Make sure you grab yourself some ice cream and all your favorite candy treats so you can snack on a sundae just like Kevin while you watch. 

Rudolph Movie Screenshot

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

This 1964 stop-motion film based on the 1949 Johnny Mark’s song Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, is one of those Christmas movies you can’t help but enjoy on Christmas eve right before bedtime.

The story of Rudolph follows his journeys with the aspiring elf dentist Hermey, his love Clarice, and some other interesting characters like Yukon Cornelius and the Abominable Snowman as they venture through the island of Misfit Toys. In the end he’s tasked with the massive responsibility of leading the pack of Santa’s reindeer through the snowstorm with his signature red nose to help find homes for the lost toys and save Christmas.

Between the song itself and the movie, this is one you have to make sure you watch during the Christmas weekend. If you do, grab some signature Red Vines licorice in honor of Rudolph’s Red nose. 

Before you get those Christmas flicks started…

It’s a rule that you cannot watch a Christmas movie without some candy, so before you get all comfortable on the couch, why don’t you go ahead and grab yourself a few of your favorite movie treats by clicking right here!

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