Regal Crown Sour Cherry - 1.01 oz roll - box of 24

Regal Crown Sour Cherry - 1.01 oz roll - box of 24

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Product Details

Regal Crown hard candy has finally made it’s return! Each roll contains 7 individually wrapped candies. The rolls are approximately 3.25 inches long and each piece is just under an inch in diameter.
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Candy Memories

When I was a boy I remember my grandfather going to the local pool hall in central Illinois where the older gentlemen would spend time playing cards. When I would visit him he would let me in the pool hall to watch him play cards and would always treat me to a roll of Regal Crown Sours. I felt so grown up at the time eating these delicious sour candies. My grandfather died in 1970, and I hadn't seen my beloved Regal Crown Sours again until a few months ago when I discovered your website. Thank you for bringing these wonderful candies back! John from Illinois
I would walk to town every Saturday and purchase penny candy. Then my. If splurge would be my Sour Cherry Regal Crowns. I would keep them in my vanity and enjoy them sparingly until my next trip! Terri from North Carolina
Going to the local movie theatre The Ritz with the entire family as a special treat outing when I was in my late youth and Dad taking us to the candy store to pick out which candies we wanted to take to the theatre to snack on during the movie. It was a treat I looked forward to because it was the only time I got to eat my favorite candy to this day! Lori from Texas

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