Milk Duds - 5 oz theater box

Milk Duds - 5 oz theater box

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Product Details

Milk Duds are caramel nuggets covered in milk chocolate.
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Candy Memories

On Saturdays, my 2 sisters and I would go to the movies. Back then (the 50's), the shows would change twice a week. We were given enough money for Admission (12 cents) and enough for candy. Most often we'd buy Milk Duds because they cost 5 cents a box and they were doubly-delicious for we would suck off the chocolate and then slowly let the caramel melt in our mouths. The Duds would last a long time -- they'd have to! At the shows back in "The Good Old Days," there'd be 2 movies, 2 cartoons, and the latest newsreel. AnneMarie from New York
Always eating Milk Duds at the movies, they last a long time. Nena from Arkansas
I was about 11 or 12.My mom dropped off my brother and sister and I at the Reseda Theater on Sherman Way in Reseda. She gave us each 75 cents to 1.00. We first went to the drug store on the corner and spent 25 cents on candy which filled a bag. In that bag was a small box of Milk Duds. We had enough for the 25 cent ticket at the theater and 25 cents for a soda and popcorn. I would always eat my Milk Duds first. I remember the creamy, gooey, chocolatey yumminess. I savored them. Then the popcorn cause it would get the caramel out of my teeth. Such a comforting memory. Lida from California

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