Mamba Fruit Chews - 2.65 oz roll - 1 roll

Mamba Fruit Chews - 2.65 oz roll - 1 roll

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Product Details

Mamba is a roll of candy with 18 individually wrapped fruit chews (3 packs of 6) in assorted flavors - orange, lemon, raspberry or strawberry.
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Candy Memories

Mambas will always remind me of sunny walks to the corner convenience store. Back in elementary school, our 6th grade teacher would reward our class for good behavior by taking us on a quick field trip to the corner store, and letting us pick out anything we wanted for under $1.
Of all the chocolate, gooey, sweet and sour candies to choose from, our class would always clean out the store's Mamba supply. The lucky ones would walk up the counter with the last of the Mambas, while the rest of the kids would end up with Snickers, Kit kats, or any other common candies that would disappear in 3 bites.
Mambas were the only candies that were $1 and would last all day long because each pack had more than double the amount of candy. Each Mamba had somewhere around 5 mini packs of different flavors, so it was like buying 5 packs of candies in one. We would spend the rest of the day eating Mambas and endlessly trading flavors between students. My favorite was lemon, which worked out perfectly because that was the least favorite of most of my friends. I definitely had the trading advantage. Helen from California
I'd ride my bike to get these and Indian head pennies... Michelle from Florida

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