Country Store Taffy - assorted - 1 piece

Country Store Taffy - assorted - 1 piece


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Product Details

Country Store Taffy is long, thin and wrapped in wax paper. Each piece is 11 inches long and almost 2.5 inches wide. Each bar has random fruit flavors represented by different colors. You may also know it as Mountain Taffy.
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McCraw's Candy

Candy Memories

In rural South Carolina in the 1970's, a child didn't go to a big store as often as young people do growing up today. Our community of green rolling hills in the Piedmont was a wonderland for a child and her bicycle. One of my favorite past times was riding my bike and eating Country Store Taffy as I tooled along.
Long and flat, it fit perfectly in the pockets of my bell-bottom jeans. One taffy wasn't enough to last the whole ride, though. I needed four or five because, you see, I was crazy about this candy. To me it looked like neapolitan ice cream and it tasted like what heaven must be like. The creamy strawberry was my favorite but so was the orange.I'd ride down to Mr. Stack Jones' store about a half mile from my house, grab a handful of Country Store Taffy, spread out my coins on the worn wooden counter, and then start my ride.
On warm spring days, I could roll it up and then form it into shapes. Like eating an ice cream cone in candy form--but without the drips. Back then it was wrapped in what looked like wax paper. I'd tear off the end, peel back the wrapping, and there it would be : creamy strips of taffy so delicious in colors of the rainbow...Just thinking about it brings it all back to me. I thought that this candy, like my childhood, was gone forever. How happy I am to know that one delicious part of my past still exists. Carolyn from South Carolina
When I was in elementary school we had a small mom and pop store across from the school.They carried the long flat strips of taffy I think they were 5 cents a piece I could not cross the street so I had a friend in the 5th grade who would go to the store after school and get some for me as we walked home from school it was so wonderful having that wonderful candy to eat on the way home. I never forgot it after 55 plus years and all of the other candy we had back in the day that was part of growing up back then it was truly penny candy on lots of it and it sure made a bunch of little kids happy on a sunny afternoon walking home from school. Cathy from Tennessee

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: mike


Country Store Taffy

This is the best taffy I've had in years.


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