Whatchamacallit History

The Hershey Company first introduced the unusually-named candy bar, Whatchamacallit, in 1978. Since 1987, Whatchamacallit has been manufactured with a layer of caramel.

Whatchamacallit Memories

My memory about Whatchamacallit bars goes back to when I was little and my family lived in Harrisburg, Penn. The best thing about it was how close we were to Hershey Park ( the amusement park by the Hershey Factory. I was too little to ride the rides (like the Super Duper Looper) so most of the time I was just a tag along to my older brother and sister. I would sit outside rides and wait for them to return with my mom.

But one day, a gentleman came up to me and asked my mother if I would like to take a taste test- only me! I was excited and off we went to a testing kitchen area in the park. I got to eat this great crunchy, carmelly, chocolate bar. I loved it and even got to take one home- but it wasn't in a wrapper so my mom never knew what to buy me when I would ask for it. A couple of years later, I figured it out and it has been my favorite ever since!! ~ Angela from Texas

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