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Quality Candy Company is a hard candy manufacturer founded by Pierre and Laurie Redmond in 1986.

Maker Of The Most Famous Mint In The World

When Pierre Redmond bought his first used lollipop machine in 1986, he wanted to sell hard candy to local restaurants and storefronts.

He figured every business could use the extra boost that came from sharing some sweet treats before a customer left, so he set out to create a product that was new to confectionery lovers.

After finding initial success with his lollipops, Redmond decided to start a new project in 1988. So he bought a used starlight mint machine and twist wrap machine that could produce small hard candies.

Starlight mints if you don’t know are the classic candies you see at every restaurant hostess stand, country club bathroom, and doctor's office.

These mints were an immediate hit amongst restaurant goers, spawning a surge in growth and popularity for Quality Candy.

Redmond noticed something about the starlight mint production process: much of the red and white stripes were unusable and being thrown away. Being the candy innovator he is, he decided to repurpose the thrown-away pieces into a new candy covered in spicy cinnamon oil.

In 1989, Quality Candy Company produced the first Spi-C-Mint that would change the hard candy game forever.

Restaurants, businesses, and even local schools were clamoring over this spicy and sweet treat, so he set out to make more flavors like Choco-Starlight which combined dutch cocoa, chocolate syrup, and green mint.

Today, Quality Candy is one of the leading manufacturers of hard candy in North America, specifically hard candy sticks.

With the addition of historical hard candy brands like King Leo—the primary producer of peppermint candy, and Gilliam—a famous hard stick candy company, the brand continues to distribute hard candy to thousands of food service businesses across the United States.


Who founded Quality Candy Company?

  • Pierre and Laurie Redmond in 1986.

What candy brands does Quality Candy own?

Where is Quality Candy sold?

  • You can find Quality Candy products in select candy stores across the United States including our digital aisles right here.

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