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King Leo Candy Company

King Leo Candy Company dominates the peppermint candy industry. For the last 100 years, it’s been the longest-continuously sold brand of peppermint candy in the United States. Today, it continues to serve up sweet treats in the form of hard candy to those who love to snack on its creations.

King Leo Candy Company: A Century of Craftsmanship and Sweet Innovation

For over a century, King Leo Candy Company has remained a timeless and trusted name in the world of confectionery. Founded in 1901, this family-owned establishment has been crafting sweet moments that span generations.

Dedicated to preserving the art of traditional candy-making, King Leo Candy Company offers a wide range of exquisite candies that continue to captivate taste buds. Its iconic King Leo Pure Peppermint Sticks are a holiday staple, emoting cherished memories and spreading joy during festive seasons.

But, King Leo doesn't stop at tradition. The brand infuses creativity and innovation into its products, providing modern twists on classic favorites like Butter Mints and Crushed Peppermint Bits.

Where King Leo Candy stands alone is its unwavering commitment to quality. Every candy is carefully crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring a delightful taste experience with every bite.

Whether you're looking for a delicious gift, a sweet indulgence, or a taste of candy history, King Leo Candy has something to offer. Explore their collection right here and discover why they've been a beloved choice for candy lovers for over a century.


When was King Leo Candy founded?

  • King Leo Candy was developed and patented in 1901 in Nashville, Tennessee.

What products does King Leo candy make?

  • King Leo Candy makes a variety of hard candy products but is most famous for King Leo Pure Peppermint Sticks.

Where can you buy King Leo Candy?

  • You can find King Leo Candy right here in our digital aisles!

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