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F.B. Washburn Candy

F.B. Washburn Candy is over 150 years old and has been serving iconic hard candy to the American public long before most confectionery companies even step foot into the candy industry. Best known for its ribbon candy and sour fruit balls, F.B. Washburn continues to win the hearts of candy lovers all over the United States with its hard candy.

The History Of America’s Oldest Family-Owned Candy Company

F.B. Washburn Candy was originally a bakery known as Washburn Bakery founded by Francis B. Washburn in 1856. Based in Brockton, MA, the bakery focused on a wide variety of baked goods, one of the most popular being their famous coconut cookie—similar to today’s macaroon.

After spending years in the dessert business Washburn’s decided to try its hand at candy beginning with a close sibling to its coconut cookie, the Waleeco Coconut candy bar. This product mimicked the texture and flavor of the famous baked good, but came in a candy bar making it better for long-term storage. This widely popular product was even purchased by the United States Army and used in troop rations during WWI.

With its success in the candy space, Washburns continued to develop new candy recipes like the Washburn Peanut Butter Bar. Eventually, the brand turned toward starch and hard candy where it resonated amongst American candy consumers. Soon, F.B. Washburn was producing Sour Balls, Peppermint Starlights, and Lollipops.

It was during this period that F.B. Washburn patented its most iconic recipe and product: Hard Candy Ribbons. Matching the same bows that adorned most Christmas presents, these candy ribbons sold like crazy during the Christmas season.

Fast forward to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s F.B. Washburn cut back on many of its candy products to focus heavily on hard candy, specifically its candy ribbons. This landed the brand exclusive private label manufacturing with companies like Russel Stover and Fannie May.

Today, you can find F.B. Washburn candy in brick-and-mortar candy stores across the country, especially during the Christmas season.


Who started F.B. Washburn Candy?

  • F.B. Washburn Candy was started by Francis B. Washburn in 1856 in Brockton, MA.

Where can you buy F.B. Washburn Candy?

  • You can find select F.B. Washburn candy such as candy ribbons, root beer barrels, sour fruit balls, and assorted hard candy right here in our digital candy aisles.

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