Unique 4th of July Treats

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Not only is summer a great time of the year filled with family vacations and longer days. It’s the time we celebrate Independence Day and the start of our great country.


Make your 4th of July celebration extra special this year with unique treats you can share with your kids, grandkids, and friends. They’ll bring back some candy memories, and most importantly, remind your guests of what it means to be an American.


Pop Rocks will definitely bring out the nostalgia this 4th of July. These festive cakes are fun, display beautifully, and capture the essence of Independence Day. And don’t be intimidated, these perfectly-portioned cakes are actually very easy to make and can be enjoyed by kids and adults. Purchase Pop Rocksand get the recipe.


This kid-friendly patriotic punch is intended for the little ones at your celebration, but that doesn’t mean an adult version couldn’t be made as well. This flashy red, white, and blue drink is topped with a Twizzler Straw that makes it fun and easy to drink. This is a great way to ensure the kids feel included in the festivities. Buy Twizzlers, and learn how to make it.


Suckers are easy to display on a table or countertop and perfect for take-home party favors as well. The recipe is simple so prepare them before guests arrive or ask the kids to help out during the party. Purchase Jolly Ranchers, and see the recipe.


Although these BBQ cupcakes require a little extra effort in the kitchen, the final product is totally worth it. They’re almost too pretty to eat! Use festive cupcake liners for a special patriotic touch and the cupcakes will not only taste good, but will be all over your guests Instagram feeds as well. Find Hot Tamales, and start crafting the cupcakes.


These treats are not only affordable and a cinch to make, but they look great on display and leave you with no trash to clean up after the party. Fill waffle cones with your favorite red, white, and blue candy like our USA Candy Corn. They’re easy for little ones to carry and it’s the perfect portion for a little something sweet for the adults at your party as well. Find our unique USA Candy Corn, and read more about the treat.

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