Candy Corn

Candy Corn Memories

I remember when my very prim and proper Grandmother, introduced me to Candy Corn. She always had some sort of candy in a bowl on the table. She gave me some and I wanted to make it last as long as I could. So I started to nibble each color layer starting at the smaller end. She did the same. Only when she got to the last of her piece's she stuck them on her front teeth.

didn't see her do this, but when she smiled at me all I could see was a row of candy. It made me laugh so much. I actually just introduced my two year old son to candy corn by doing this same trick. I know his great grandmother was with us in spirit. ~ Susan from Florida

My birthday is Nov 1, so it was always set in corn candy/Halloween theme. I was supposed to be born on Christmas, but shortly before I was born my Mother had a dream about going all over the place trying to find corn candy. My Father told her they were going to have a Halloween baby rather than a Christmas baby. I have lots of Corn Candy decorations (candles, Bowls, cookies, corn candy bear, etc.). Always makes folks smile. ~Kathy from Connecticut

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