Switzer's Licorice

Switzer's Licorice disappeared in the mid-1990s but was relaunched by original family members in 2005 using the same formula as in the past.

Switzer's Licorice History

Frederick Switzer started making licorice in 1888. He would proudly push carts of his candy along the riverfront in St. Louis in an area now called Laclede's Landing. When Switzer's became the nation's leading brand of licorice, he developed his first fruit-flavored licorice which was cherry. It quickly became Switzer's best seller.

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Switzer's Licorice Memories

My grandmother was from Europe but had moved to California to help raise my brother and I. She never learned to drive and would walk to the store and back to buy groceries. When she came through the door, my brother and I would run and ask if she had licorice. She was not very friendly but at these times, if she had the extra money, she would smile and pull out the Switzer?s. We would each get to pull off one of the strips and savor the wonderful chewy licorice. ~Noelle from California