Super Bubble Gum

Super Bubble Gum History

Thomas Brothers Candy Company began producing a variety of hard candy in a former pickle plant in 1928. In 1946, the Thomas Weiner Company began manufacturing its first bubble gum product: five cent Super Bubble. [continued below]

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[continued from above] Approximately 750 employees worked three shifts to meet demand for the new Super Bubble product. Due to competition from Fleer’s Double Bubble and Topp’s Bazooka, the Thomas Weiner Company introduced a one cent Super Bubble in 1948.

Super Bubble Gum Memories

My love for Super Bubble Gum may have started as a child when Mother gave me a nickel and I used to walk to the candy store in town to get me some Super Bubble Gum. My dad was a carpenter and one time when I was sick, he brought home some Super Bubble Gum in his nail apron pocket.

We had a raccoon named Rickie. Rickie used to go through daddy's pockets, too... looking for peanuts. Yep, you guessed it. Rickie found my Super Bubble and he was hooked on it, too. I still am... and now I'm 63 years old. I still chew Super Bubble Gum every day and I always have some in my purse to share with others. ~ Patricia from Arkansas

There is no Bubble Gum like Super Bubble! This brand, with the red, blue & yellow distinctive packaging was always my first choice of what to get with my hard-to-come-by pennies! We used to have family Bubble Gum Blowing Contests... I recall laughing and laughing at my dear Mama blowing huge face size bubbles! What a sight to see: a Mom and her 5 daughters sitting on the front porch steps, all blowing the biggest bubbles possible. I have photos of one of the last contests we had (sometime in the early 1980s). Gum on all our faces...laughter abounding! Thanks for offering such a terrific site. ~Madeline from Virginia