Razzles Memories

Back in the seventies, I loved nothing more than spending the weekend with my grandparents, Granddaddy and Mama Jo. There was a dime store around the corner - one of those little stores usually ran as a "Mom and Pop" outfit. If I was a "good girl" (which was funny, because I could do no wrong in my grandparent's eyes), Mama Jo would take me to the store and let me pick out one special thing. I always made a bee-line for the Razzles because the store where I lived didn't carry them.  

 I can remember how the first one always tasted - I'd pick out an orange one, pop it in my mouth, and chew. My mouth would water and I would have to fight the urge to swallow the candy until it changed textures and formed a lump of gum. I always chewed two pieces at a time, relishing every piece, folding the package and putting it into my back pocket to keep it safe. To me, Razzles are a piece of my childhood. ~ Kelly from Tennessee

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