Licorice & Strawberry Wheels

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The original licorice wheels we remember had a red hot in the center and looked like miniature records. This is as close as we can find. The red wheel is a strawberry flavor. The black wheels (2 inches) are a little larger than the red (1.5 inches).

Licorice Wheels Memories

As a kid we had a little store near us we called the "Five and Dime" and it was just down the road and up the block as I remember. In it, it featured in their front glass case lots of penny candy and some nickel candy. One of my favorite penny candies was the red and black licorice wheels.

The elderly woman who owned the place would add these little tiny white jaw breakers in the middle of the licorice wheel wrap. I would buy fifteen cents worth of each flavor and eat the licorice by unrolling it and then eat the jaw breaker, usually at the Saturday morning movie. That licorice was the best. The taste of that licorice seemed so much more intense then that of the sticks, and was just more fun to handle. Sorry Mom, but I did play with my food. ~ Paul from Maryland