Kits Taffy

Kits Taffy Memories

Ah strawberry KITS... I remember as a child in the 1970's walking to the candy store with my sister. We would count our pennies, and choose our candy carefully, as not to waste a cent. KITS were 5 cents then. If I remember correctly there were 4 in a package. We would walk home and I would unwrap the outer wrapping of my KITS so that I had 20-30 little squares in front of me.

Kits Taffy

Then I would wait until my sister had finished hers so that I could slowly savor mine in front of her, laughing quietly, so my mom wouldn't notice her watching me with envy, and make me share. They were always eaten in the same order-- peanut butter, chocolate, banana, and the very best STRAWBERRY KITS for last. ~ Kathy from Minnesota

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