1970s Candy

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Start playing your Donna Summer records because we are reliving the disco decade. In the 1970’s, we said “Hello” to Charlie, Rock progressed into a new generation, and we went with Willy Wonka on a trip we’ll never forget. With advancements in technology, we saw more and more tech in our houses, like the electric clock and eventually the computer.

Growing up in the 1970’s meant you remember grabbing your favorite theater candy, like a bag of Jelly Belly, and seeing the very first Star Wars in a theater or drive in. You always hoped you had the funniest joke on your wrapper of Laffy Taffy. Or that one day you could dance like John Travolta. Every year you asked for a waterbed but your parents were worried you’d break it.

One time, you swore you made a double bubble while chewing Bubble Yum. You were extra good in December in hopes that Santa brought you an Atari 400. But your favorite memory might be, how good you looked in your orange, knitted flare pants. Your wardrobe might have stayed with the decade but thankfully Blow Pops are here to stay.

Do you have a memory about your favorite 1970’s candy? Submit it to us on that candy’s page and you might see it on your next visit.