Watermelon Day 8/3/15

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On a hot summer day, a big juicy slice of watermelon is just the ticket to bring you back to life! On August 3rd, you can give that watermelon the praise it deserves on National Watermelon Day!


Did you know that watermelons are originally from southern Africa? They grow from the tough, winding stalks of the watermelon vine and the fruit itself is actually considered a kind of berry! It has been cultivated in Egypt since 2000 BC, and now it’s available all over the world to enjoy.


Candymakers have harnessed the subtle and sweet flavor of the watermelon so we can have it all year round. You don’t have to haul a melon home from the grocery store, you can just pick up a bag of your favorite candy to satisfy that juicy tooth! Let’s take a look at some of the watermelon candies that Old Time Candy has to offer.

nl soft watermelon

Now & Later Soft Watermelon! This is a real treat, since Now & Laters are usually a tougher taffy, but these have the soft texture of a caramel and the perfect watermelon flavor!

lic twists watermelon

Fan of licorice? Pop open a bag of these Watermelon Licorice Twists and munch away! Who knew watermelon rope would taste so good?

gumballs watermelon

These Watermelon Gumballs definitely win the prize for most anatomically correct candy. One look at the green stripes and you know exactly what you’re in for – a long lasting watermelon explosion!

watermelon slices

A close runner up are these Watermelon Fruit Slices, cut like perfectly shaped slices of your favorite summer fruit. No seeds here!

watermelon candy drops

And now for something completely different – Watermelon Candy Drops! These are for the hard candy lover, giving you a little morsel of watermelon flavor in a sucker that can last as long as you let it. It won’t be too long until you want to crunch away at this yummy drop! Good thing there’s a whole bag.


Do you have any watermelon favorites? Recipes to share? Crazy watermelon experiences? Let us know in the comments and have a great Watermelon Day!

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