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For some, its the first snowfall, for others its when the radio stations start playing Christmas music 24/7, or when children begin sitting on Santa’s lap. There are many ways to tell that the holidays are arriving. But we can all agree, nothing quite says the holidays are coming like the smell of our favorite treats baking in the kitchen. From cookies to cake, to homemade candies and candy toppings, tis the season to make your favorite sweet treats a little sweeter. Come cookie season, the kitchen is the best place to be, other than under the tree. Here’s a list of our top baking candies that you should have by your side this season.


Candy Canes



Peppermint is a winter classic. The tingling sensation we get from mint is similar to the first snowfall of the season. There’s nothing quite like the magic of that first snow.  Even with their odd shape, Candy Canes have endless uses. You can crush them up for sprinkling on a cupcake or adding some chill to a chocolate cookie. There’s ways to bend and melt them for dipping and decorating. And you can even use them to make heart shaped lollipops


Christmas Candy Corn


You might think Candy Corn season is over but with its Christmas red, green, and white, you could be opening your kitchen to them this season. Just like the fall colored corn, you can add the candies to cookies, blondies, and party mixes. They provide tons of options for decorating as well. Their triangle shape is great for mini trees or for making stars.  You can also melt them over chocolate and mini pretzels

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Hershey Kisses


Kisses aren’t just for under the mistletoe. Keep them by your side in the kitchen as well. Hershey Kisses are perfect for so many recipes. Chocolate might be great all year-round but its extra magical this time of year. Decorate with the white chocolate or peppermint flavors. Or turn them into mini trees surrounded by peanut buttery goodness.



Christmas Gummies


Your best decoration tool this winter, other than sprinkles and frosting, should be Gummies. From gummy trees to gumdrops, leave your guests impressed with your candy bedazzling skills. These treats are perfect for that gingerbread house competition or for a colorful fudge .
What is your family’s favorite holiday treat to make and eat? Tells us below or on Facebook! And see what recipes we will be making on our Pinterest.

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