Miss This? Try This: Marathon Bar

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Running around trying to find the chocolatey caramel braid of goodness? Unfortunately the race has ended for Marathon bars. This uniquely shaped bar was made out of twisted caramel dipped in chocolate. It also had markings on the wrapper to show its impressive length of 8 inches. Sadly, Mars discontinued the bar in 1981 due low sales, only 8 years after it was introduced to the world. The good news is our friends in the UK at Cadbury have a treat that is practically the Marathon bar’s tea-drinking twin. Meet the Curly Wurly! It’s the same length as our old friend and the same fun shape. As an added bonus, it’s made with the undeniably good Cadbury chocolate. Unfortunately, since the Curly Wurly has to be shipped overseas, their price is a little more than a Marathon bar’s. But who can put a price on biting into a great memory?

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