Some of you may remember a sweet bovine that came in many different flavors on a stick. While this might sound crazy, it did actually exist! What you remember is the 1920’s dipped caramel lollipop from the sweet candy creators at Slo Poke. There was Black Cow, Pink Cow, Purple Cow, Banana Cow, and Orange Cow. Each cow was a different flavored taffy which was soft and chewy. Except for Black Cow, which was a caramel dipped in milk chocolate. Sadly, this cattle herd went back to the barn when they were discontinued in 1998.


All except one, that is. The Black Cow was the odd one out again this time. It is slightly different now. Instead of being dipped in chocolate, the caramel is infused which chocolatey flavor through adding whole chocolate.  This heifer lost the stick as well. It is now just a chewy bar of goodness. While this change isn’t as satisfying to true fans, those who need a nibble of nostalgia will enjoy it all the same.

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