How It’s Made: Jawbreakers

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Have you ever wondered how the Giant Jawbreaker you’ve been slowly gnawing on for the last few years got all of its candy layers?


It all starts with the chewing gum center, or for solid Jawbreakers, a candy center that starts out as powder, pressed by a machine into a ball. Once your center of choice has been made, large batches of them go into huge slowly rotating drums. As the candies are tumbling in the drum, a mixture of corn syrup and coloring is poured in, followed by a generous scoop of powdered sugar. As the centers tumble they get covered in the mixture, which over time hardens. This process is repeated ten times for every layer. Each layer is made in the same way, building up your Jawbreaker bit by bit. It takes four days to make a jawbreaker! Let’s just be glad it takes even longer to finish one.


I love jarbreakes

Ayla Hussain

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