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Turkish Taffy, known for its crunchy yet chewy texture and irresistible flavors, holds a special place in the hearts of candy enthusiasts.

This confection, with a history spanning over a century, has evolved from a regional specialty to a beloved treat enjoyed worldwide. Let's delve into the fascinating history of Turkish Taffy, tracing its origins, innovations, and enduring popularity.

The Sweet Start

The story of Turkish Taffy is a tale of accidental invention. It began in the early 20th century when Austrian immigrant Herman Herer started a small candy shop in Coney Island, New York. Herer's original intention was to create a nougat-style candy, but one fateful day, a mistake in his recipe led to the creation of something entirely different. The candy mix, which was supposed to be soft and chewy, became hard and brittle.

Rather than discarding this unexpected result, Herer saw potential in the crunchy candy. He started selling it under the name "Turkish Taffy," capitalizing on the exotic allure of the word "Turkish" and marketing it as a unique novelty. The candy quickly gained popularity among beachgoers and visitors to Coney Island.

The Bonomo Era: Elevating Turkish Taffy

The true transformation of Turkish Taffy came when a young candy maker named Victor Bonomo purchased the recipe and rights to Turkish Taffy from Herman Herer in 1944. Under Bonomo's guidance, Turkish Taffy underwent significant improvements, including a change in recipe and packaging.

One of the key innovations was a formula tweak that made the taffy more pliable. This made it easier to break into bite-sized pieces, a feature that became iconic for Turkish Taffy. Additionally, Bonomo introduced a new marketing strategy that involved freezing the taffy, then smashing it into bite-sized pieces before consumption, creating a delightful and memorable eating experience.

The iconic blue and white Turkish Taffy bar, complete with a comic strip inside the wrapper, became synonymous with the candy. The comic strip featured the adventures of "Whistle and the Turk," characters that added a playful element to the candy's packaging. This marketing approach not only appealed to children but also made Turkish Taffy a collectible item.

Turkish Taffy's Peak Popularity

The 1950s and 1960s were the heyday of Turkish Taffy. It was not only a popular candy but also a cultural phenomenon. Kids and teenagers flocked to candy stores, purchasing Turkish Taffy bars for just a few cents. The freezing and cracking ritual became a fun and social activity, with friends and siblings sharing the crunchy delight.

As the popularity of Turkish Taffy soared, the candy underwent further expansion. New flavors, such as chocolate and banana, were introduced to complement the original vanilla. The candy bars also became available in larger sizes, catering to those who simply couldn't get enough of the sweet, chewy crunch.

Taffy Challenges and Resurgence

Turkish Taffy's meteoric rise was followed with challenges. Changes in consumer preferences and competition from newer candies in the market posed significant obstacles. In 1980, the original Bonomo family sold the brand to Tootsie Roll Industries, a candy conglomerate. This transition marked a shift in the production and distribution of Turkish Taffy.

The candy underwent several hiatuses and rebranding efforts in the following decades. However, the love for Turkish Taffy never truly disappeared. Nostalgic candy lovers, who cherished their childhood memories of the candy, sought to revive it. Online communities and petitions advocating for its return began to gain traction.

In response to this passionate fanbase, Tootsie Roll Industries re-released Turkish Taffy in 2018. The return of this classic candy was met with excitement and celebration. While the packaging underwent some modernization, the essence of Turkish Taffy remained unchanged, delighting both longtime fans and a new generation of candy enthusiasts.

Turkish Taffy Today: A Sweet Tradition Lives On

Turkish Taffy continues to hold a special place in the hearts of those who remember its nostalgic heyday. It serves as a reminder of simpler times and the joy of discovering a delightful candy treat. The candy, with its unique combination of crunchy and chewy textures, remains a beloved classic.

Turkish Taffy's enduring popularity proves that some things never go out of style. It's a testament to the power of nostalgia and the timeless appeal of a simple yet satisfying candy.

For those who experienced the joy of cracking a Turkish Taffy bar on a warm summer day at the beach or sharing it with friends, this iconic candy will forever hold a cherished place in their candy-loving hearts.

Loved that Turkish Taffy and still do at the age of 65. Wish it was back in the local stores again so I could buy it!

Robert J Melton Sr

I used to buy Turkish Taffy all the time at our neighbourhood gas station/5&dime. I still love it to this day although it’s NOT near as good & sooo much more expensive. But I still buy it.


Can’t find these goodies at our local candy stores in New Jersey ..

clint elvin

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