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Miss This? Try This: Red Hot Dollars

They may not have been worth much on Wall Street, but Red Hot Dollars, or Red Raspberry Dollars, were a tasty treat. First minted in 1925, this eye catching currency began as a soft raspberry chew. This might come as a surprise since its name includes “Hot,” which we typically associate with cinnamon and spicy. But back in the 1920’s, the phrase “Red Hot” was used to describe popular and trendy things. Pretty clever, huh?

It was, until people started becoming confused about what flavor Red Hot Dollars actually were. In the 1970’s they started putting “raspberry flavor” on their packaging. But that wasn’t enough. The Heide brand, now owned by Farley’s and Sathers, decided to change the flavor completely to fit the name. There were then cinnamon-flavored Red Hot Dollars and Red Raspberry Dollars, which were the same raspberry flavor as the old Red Hot Dollars. They even made a spin off flavor, Black Licorice. Unfortunately, all were discontinued around 2009.

So what should you get to fill you original Red Hot Dollar needs? Try Juju Coins. They have a cherry flavor instead of the traditional raspberry but the shape and feel of them are the same. We have high hopes that the dollars will make a comeback. Especially since Farley’s and Sathers have joined the larger Ferrara Candy Company. Until then, it looks like our mouths will be enjoying a new cherry currency.

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  1. My husband never asks for anything but he absolutely Loved the red hot cinnamon dollars! I can’t believe they’re discontinued. I wanted to surprise him by giving him some for Christmas

  2. My husband absolutely loves the old Red Raspberry Dollars. There used to be a candy shop at the mall that carried them, then they went out of business. We were on the Carnival Valor 2 weeks ago for a cruise and the candy shop on the ship had bulk candy where you fill your own bags. They had them!! Needless to say, we spent a lot of money on the Dollars. Hubby said they were delicious and just like the ones from years ago.

  3. I absolutely loved the red hot dollars. When I was little I would walk to the store around the corner from my house to buy some. They had lots of penny candy that actually cost a penny a piece. They were my FAVORITE! I sure hope they do make a come back in their original form and flavor (raspberry)

  4. I really miss the raspberry coins! They were a favorite of my since I was a child! I am not fond of either the cherry or cinnamon flavor! I bought some bulk ones yesterday, and they are cherry flavored, I was very disappointed in them! Please bring back the raspberry flavored coins! I love and miss them!

  5. My all time favorite candy. Nothing else compares to their flavor all are inferior to the taste and texture of the Red Hot Dollars. What is the problem of reintroducing them?

  6. Too bad some clueless executive at Farley’s and Sather’s made this decision without a market study. SO many people love the old Heide’s version.

  7. I loved the old Heide’s version of the red Hot Dollar. In the 50’s they were two for a penny. I use to stop before school and buy enough to fill both my front pockets. Today whenever I go into a candy store the first thing I look for are the Red Hot Dollars. Very hard to find!!!

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