Nonpareils are dark chocolate discs that are sprinkled with small, white candy balls. The name actually refers to the small candy balls and is from the French word for "without equal." We think that putting them on dark chocolate is an excellent "delivery system." Sno Caps are a smaller version.

Nonpareils History

Nonpareils are a decorative confection in the shape of tiny balls made with sugar and starch. They are traditionally white but are now available in many colors. Their origin is uncertain but American recipes for wedding cakes using nonpareils go back to the 18th centry. Somewhere along the line they were added to a dark chocolate drop to form the candy we know today.

Nonpareils Memories

My favorite memory from my childhood is our family Christmas get togethers. We would all load up in my fathers old beater station wagon and head to Little Rock to visit my grandparents. Along the way my father would stop by a small store (I can't remember the name) and buy my grandmother and grandfather their gifts.

Along with the other things would always be a couple of bags of Nonpareils. My father knew that my grandparents loved them and usually would not buy them for themselves. On the long ride to their house it was almost all we could bare not to dig into those wonderful chocolate goodies, but we knew there would be some sort of punishment tied to that, so we just bided our time.

Little did our father and mother know that our grandparents knew how much us kids loved Nonpareils too. As always happened, the older men all went out to cut the tree and grandma gathered us around her and doled out enough of them to satisfy us until Christmas day when she would put the remaining Nonpareils out for everyone. ~ Jack from Missouri

My mother hosted a neighborhood bridge club every few months. On those occasions, she would buy bridge mix and nonpareils. We kids were told to stay out of the candy, but Mom would always give us a few pieces before the club members arrived. I didn't like the bridge mix, so I always asked only for nonpareils. They continue, 55 years later, to be among my favorite candies. ~Janet from California

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